more than just a period.


Periods have the power to be more than just bleeding.

They can reduce stigma when you have open conversations. They can combat climate change when you use organic or reusable products. They can contribute to reducing period poverty when you support a venture that gives back.


period stigma

Let’s break down stigma and social taboos around periods.

We are launched our first welcoming space on Thursday, December 6th.

It was the first space of its kind for people to come and talk openly and feel good about periods, and it’s was for everyone. People who identify as different genders bleed. People who don’t menstruate still have friends, families and partners who experience it. And it’s time it became something that everyone talks about freely.

We want anyone and everyone talking about periods with us in our online communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And joining the kōrero as we do more pop-ups in Auckland and around Aotearoa.

environmental impact

There are an overwhelming amount of brands and products to manage a period.

How on earth are you meant to know which ones are the best for your vagina?

Use the healthiest products you can afford. Certified pure organic pads, panty liners and tampons are naturally absorbent and hypoallergenic. They provide comfort and the best protection for your body.

We know organic products are more costly than other brands, and that not everyone can afford them.

So, just do what you can. Look for brands that use cardboard and paper packaging over plastic to help eliminate plastic waste in Aotearoa. Consider reusable options like menstrual cups, period underwear, and cloth pads you can wash and reuse at home.

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We're committed to making sure that our wraparound service helps people throughout Aotearoa get back to school and work, and continue living their lives. 

Up to $16,000NZD will be spent on period-related products during a person’s lifetime, but many people in Aotearoa can not afford them at all.

We’ve heard stories of people using rolled-up toilet paper, socks and rags during their periods. And many people stay home from work or school as they have no way to manage their flow.

You can imagine how this compounds to create further harm. It causes health problems. It creates barriers to education. It effects income levels. All of which are fundamental human rights.

The good news is that you can help. By just having a period. And supporting The Period Place.

This is a complex issue, and we know we're not going to solve it on our own. That’s why we partner with people who are already in the thick of it.