Danika Revell and Sarah Mikkelsen The Period Place

The Period Place is an organisation that supports, values and advocates for people with periods through social awareness, open dialogue and creation of a community of like-mindedness. 

We’re different in that we’re the only known organisation that operates with a for-purpose model within all three of the advocacy, education, and period poverty spaces. This puts us in a unique position to foster engagement and cross-sector collaboration within the industry in order to achieve positive social outcomes.

We created The Period Place as research shows that people with periods want and need advocacy to empower them and help them experience periods in a way that makes sense to them. Our approach of engaging consumers with language, imagery and spaces that are open and direct - without the use of fluffy or vague terms - meets a need that didn’t exist and guides our organisation’s three strategic pillars:

PILLAR ONE - fighting period stigma

Providing a space for people to shed the veil of secrecy around periods, to shun taboo and help fight the stigma it causes and inequality it contributes to.

PILLAR two - providing period education

Supporting the sharing of knowledge between consumers and organisations as well as consumers and each other, and forming cross-sector partnerships to help to widen the knowledge base of people everywhere, and always encouraging voices to be heard.

PILLAR three - eradicating period poverty in aotearoa

We know that period poverty is just one tendril of the multi-armed beast that is poverty. Through action to alleviate period poverty, poverty as a whole can be reduced, not just for individuals, but for families, whānau, communities and Aotearoa.

Sarah Mikkelsen The Period Place

sarah mikkelsen

Co-founder of The Period Place

Sarah has worked with communities, individuals and organisations alike to identify needs, prototype solutions for change and implement ideas.

She is utterly nuts for social research and is constantly thinking about opportunities for change and ways to help those who have limited resources to help themselves.

Danika Revell The Period Place

danika revell

Co-founder The Period Place

Danika launched influencer marketing in NZ after seeing the gap in the market when she was 27, but grew weary after four successful years of ‘flogging chips’ online.

Now with two kids under two, she's proud to using her loud voice for social change, and working with a friend to create a better country for all of Aotearoa.


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