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The menstrual movement has been building globally for years, now is the time for you to join it here in Aotearoa.

The movement uses common language that is inclusive, clear, and widespread to help us advance the goals of eliminating period stigma, ensuring everyone who gets a period having safe access to healthfully manage their periods, and eradicates period poverty.

The Period Place works daily within that framework. Your financial contribution will ensure that we are able to keep things like the website running, grow our digital community to reach the whole of Aotearoa, organise distribution of donations we receive, contribute to the free public events we put on, etc.

As we grow, our needs and funding models will change, we’ll let you know about them - every step of the way.


Three ways you can donate FUNDS to the period place


Make a monthly donation through Patreon

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that provides The Period Place a tool to build relationships with you, our donators, and receive regular contributions with the least amount of effort required.



Donate directly as a one off, or set up an automatic payment.

Please write ‘Donation’ in the reference box, and send us an email or let us know on social media about your donation so we know who you are - it’s important to us that we recognise everyone who is contributing to The Period Place.

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Who isn’t a user of PayPal?

Rock it old-school with a trackable donation to us in an an effortless way.

All donations go directly into our PayPal account for easy access and tracking - we can even accept credit card payments through PayPal.