The menstrual movement has been building globally for years, now is the time for you to join it here in Aotearoa.

The movement uses common language that is inclusive, clear, and widespread to help us advance the goals of eliminating period stigma, ensuring everyone who gets a period having safe access to healthfully manage their periods, and eradicates period poverty.

The Period Place works daily within that framework. Your contribution of time and skill will ensure that we are able to keep things growing, and take our team of two to a whole community working together.

As we grow, our needs and support levels will change, we’ll let you know about them - every step of the way.





We are looking for further social enterprise support, from a foundation or an individual.

- Activating The Period Place team, raising awareness and building capability for our social enterprise
- Supporting The Period Place to deliver scalable solutions
- Facilitating new market and investment opportunities for The Period Place



We are looking for someone with medial training, preferably in the period space (nurse, doctor, OB/GYN etc).

- Assisting with terminology for The Period Place publications (online and in print)
- Providing advice


marketing / SOCIAL

We are looking for someone with experience in creating social media content, and managing online communities.

- Creating and manage campaigns via social media and email
- Engage with The Period Place social communities
- Coordinate with the period industry in New Zealand to collaborate on content and help promote their messages
- Research period efforts across the country in order to celebrate other’s successes


web support

We are looking for someone with Squarespace experience.

- Ensure that The Period Place website looks rad and allows all visitors to easily find the information they need
- Update The Period Place website regularly with new information about our projects, and what is happening in the period industry around Aotearoa
- Advanced skills in HTML or CSS to would allow for more creative projects


on-the-day-help for the BOUTIQUE period place market / may 5 / grey lynn

We are looking for people to help us on the day bring market to life!

- Help set up and pack down the boutique market (12 stalls, assist the stall holders where needed), including laying down the offical red carpet
- Direct shoppers to find their way to the market from the main road, distribute flyers etc
- Use foot traffic clicker at main market entrance to capture attendee numbers
- Be sociable with attendees and have fun!