the period place boutique market.


Building on the success of our first free public event, we brough you The Period Place Boutique Market in may 2019.



To provide a platform and space that allows brands to engage directly with the public.

  • smash period stigma and period shame by creating a welcoming space where people could be heard

  • educate people about sustainable and healthier period product options, allowing them to touch/feel/engage with the products in a way they couldn’t online

  • contribute to the eradication of period poverty in New Zealand by promoting brands that are giving back


it was amazing! So, who was there?

We worked with stall holders who were keen to make The Period Place Boutique Market a thing. And wowee did they ever!

I Am Eva - period underwear
Aku Pads - reusable cloth pads
The Women’s Bookshop - femmé-powering books
My Cup- menstrual cups
OI Organic Initiative - organic tampons and pads
Luna - subscription organic period products
Marama Eco Cloth - reusable cloth pads using vintage fabrics
Natural Fertility NZ - menstrual cycle education
Rainbow Youth - LGBTQI+ advocacy
Mama Cloth - assorted period products and feminist knick knacks
Cura Matris - essential oils and education for menstrual health
Sani and Tempest - art

And we would’ve had more! We had to turn away some amazing-sounding stall holders, simply because the venue couldn’t physically hold everyone we wanted to say yes to.