the period place at first thursdays.


In December 2018 we held our first public event, leveraging First Thursdays on K'Rd; the bi-annual art and culture night where the street 'stays open' til 10pm.

The night included dancing, drag queens and DJs out on the street, performance art, markets, and of course - The Period Place, located in a shop right in the middle of K'Rd.


key objectives for the event

Our objectives for the first #theperiodplace were to provide:

- a safe space in the community for people of all genders, identities, ages, cultures and sexes to come and learn about periods, talk about them openly - in a public setting, ask questions and share their personal experiences

- information about ethical, environmental and healthy period products (disposable, reusable/washable and make your own)

- a platform for the stories of people in Aotearoa who have experienced period poverty, and give attendees the chance to experience what it's like through an interactive activation


Over three hundred people physically visited The Period Place public event in December 2018, with tens of thousands viewing information about it online through The Period Place social channels, K'Rd and First Thursday social channels, and influencer social channels.

The event had six areas:

  • real stories from Aotearoa

  • idea-generating sanitary bins

  • share your story wall

  • an experience period poverty in real time vending machine

  • learn about healthier period products and feel/explore them for yourself

  • multiple feedback mechanisms about the event itself, monetisation/business ideas

Surprising event results:

  • pages of quotes from attendees who wanted to contribute to the korero and share their period stories with us

  • young attendees wanted honest/easy period information available in their primary schools to prepare them in time

  • the amount of hugs from strangers

  • all genders were impressed and looked for staff to share what an informing experience it was


Find out what Maori Television had to say about our event here.